Premium Fulfillment Return

  • Reduced overall operating costs

  • Decreased compressor loads

  • Minimizing leakage

  • Extended component service life

  • Reduced consumption of fossil hydrocarbon fuel

  • Ecological, sustainable and still highly performant

  • No retrofitting required at all

  • Significantly more energy-efficient

  • No acids are formed due to water or humidity

Understanding and exceeding the expectations of our customers is what keeps ECO-Freeze in the leading pack.

Over the years, this has led to a deep knowledge of how industry processes are arranged, and why.

Our cost-effective to implement refrigerants demonstrate superior performance, are safe to use and better for the environment.

We’re here to work with you on your eco-efficiency transformation journey. Our success is attached to yours. We don’t just put technology in place and leave.

Who Buys Our Products?

  • Wholesale Distributor or White Label Reseller

  • AC/HVAC(R) Contractor

  • Refrigeration Contractor

  • Consumer Storefront Owner

  • Corporate Resources Purchase Representative

  • Refrigerated Transport Service Provider

  • Real Estate Maintenance Portofolio Manager

  • Industrial or Residential Climate Control Contractor

  • Car Maintenance (AC) & Associated Services Provider

  • Supermarkets Resources Purchase Representative