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ECO-404 is a blend of dimethyl methane and ethyl methane, two naturally occurring hydrocarbon refrigerant gases. This blend can be used medium- and low-temperature refrigerators. It is perfect for use in household and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

  • Efficient alternative to R22, R502 or R404a

  • Excellent energy efficiency and cooling capacity
  • Operation at lower pressures than synthetic refrigerants

  • Only 40% of the initial load weight is required

  • Designed to comply with the 6-star energy efficiency rating

Application and use:

  • An efficient alternative to R22, R407C, R502 or R404a;
  • Excellent energy efficiency and cooling capacity;
  • Operation at lower pressures than synthetic refrigerants;
  • Charge weight considerably reduced (only 40% of the initial load weight is required!).

ECO 404 is the leading-edge solution for manufacturers of refrigeration equipment for coolers, refrigeration chambers and split-type air-conditioning systems designed for hydrocarbons.


Safe application of hydrocarbon refrigerants by accredited technical experts is guaranteed with a common-sense approach and compliance with the applicable safety standards and regulations.

Simply put, hydrocarbon refrigerant is safe for use in refrigerators and air conditioning systems as well. However, similar to gasoline, solvents and other common volatile substances, the hydrocarbon refrigerant is highly flammable, so its release should be prevented when an ignition source is present. The autoignition temperature of the refrigerant is 460-470°C.

Product characteristics:

  • High purity hydrocarbon refrigerant.
  • Cylinder has a liquid withdrawal valve (upright position labelled).
  • Packed in a cardboard box with infor­mation kit containing refrigerant identifica­tion labels, material safety data sheet and other usage guidance information.
  • Superior heat rejection – gives better condenser heat exchange performance.
  • Applicable in compressors designed for R502, R22 or R404a, as well as special compressors designed for R290.
  • Compatible with existing heat exchange and expansion installations, and most common refrigeration materials and lubricants.
  • Perfect for use in commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems where energy efficiency and reliable equipment performance are important.


ECO 404 Refrigerant available in 14.3-liter cylinders and 1000 ml cans. 1 cylinder of 14.3 l contains 5 kg (equivalent to 12.5 kg of R404a or 12 kg of R407C). The 1000 ml aerosol/can contains 400 gr (equivalent to 1 kg of R 404a or R407C).